Corporate Governance


Bank of The Bahamas Limited is a business built on public trust and confidence. We act in full compliance with the laws of The Bahamas ensuring that the country’s Regulators, our customers and the community see us as a responsible organization.

Our Board of Directors is accountable for the Bank’s affairs. They demand of the management and staff that the Bank’s day-to-day operations are managed with extraordinary care, making certain that sound banking practices are applied in each and every aspect of our business.

To effectively perform its varied tasks and functions, the Board has established various committees responsible for managing the business and operation with mandates, which include:

  • Oversight of credit policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that the Banks assets and liabilities are managed prudently and efficiently
  • Development and management of the human resource assets
  • Employing tools and systems to improve operations
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation, regulatory guidelines and industry best practices
  • Evaluating and examining the adequacy of the Bank’s policies and procedures and overseeing the adherence thereto.