Payroll Services

With BOB Payroll Services, your staff never has to spend Friday afternoons fighting traffic, looking for parking and waiting in line at banks, and getting back to work, exhausted and frustrated – on your time.

Online Banking

If you have a BOB account with online banking, processing your payroll is a cinch. Simply upload your payroll file (comma-separated values csv format) onto our online banking server using your secure login.   Once the file is present on the server it is automatically processed based on the effective date stated in your instructions and you will receive an automated verification. Fees are minimal and external payments are also available.

PPD (Pre-arranged Payment Direct Entry) Format

If online access to your company’s accounts is sensitive or restricted you may prefer to use our PPD payroll option.  With PPD your payroll instructions are entered into an excel spreadsheet and the file is sent via email to our payroll inbox.  Once the information is received and verified we will follow your instructions and deposit the calculated pay for each employee into his or her account whether at BOB or at another BACH bank, and send you an email verification.

Manual Payroll

If you prefer to do things the old fashioned way simply send us a listing with employee names, account numbers and payroll amounts to be credited. Payment for this service can be made by cheque or by debiting the company’s payroll account.

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