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BOB Junior Savings Challenge Teaches Kids to Save & Win! | Good savings habits should start early and will be an asset to your children for the rest of their lives as they learn self-discipline and how to achieve their goals.

The BOB Junior Savings Challenge invites parents to teach their children how to save in a fun contest that includes great prizes as incentives! To enter the Challenge a parent needs only to open a BOB Junior account for his or her child with a minimum deposit of $50.00 by September 30, 2017 and fill out an entry form. This first step makes the entrant eligible for a chance to win one of 14 BOB gift packs filled with Back–to-school and BOB branded items.

In Step 2 of the Challenge the Parent and child must strategize to save up to a minimum balance of $200.00 by November 30, 2017. Those who successfully achieve this goal will be eligible for a chance to win ONE of THREE Samsung Galaxy Tablets in the BOB Junior Savings Challenge Grand Prize Drawing!!!!

Be sure that your child learns the value of saving from an early age. Enter the BOB Junior Challenge today! (See our Facebook Page for Challenge Rules and Super Saving Tips)