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New BOB Application Helps Customers Track Funds |

Last year BOB was the first bank to introduce non-envelope cash deposits with immediate cash value at their BOB Express ATMS. Now the bank known for innovation is introducing a technology that will help customers keep on top of important transactions as they occur on their accounts.

BOB eNotifier, an electronic application that provides SMS text and email updates on account transactions will be available to customers in a free trial from March 3rd and is BOB’s latest high tech solution to customers’ need for real time information on the status of their accounts.

“BOB eNotifier is a service that our customers will find very useful because it gives them the information they need to make decisions in as little as five minutes after a transaction is made,” said Vaughn Delaney, Deputy Managing Director with responsibility for Information Technology at BOB.

‘With BOB eNotifier you will know when funds are credited to your account or debited from your account and the beauty of it is you don’t have to go looking for this information or requesting it because once you are added to the system any movement on your account automatically generates an email and/or text notification to your cell phone,” Mr. Delaney said.

According to Mr. Delaney the BOB eNotifier application offers a number of useful features and benefits to users. It helps customers know when deposits have been made, when cheques have cleared or when interest has been paid while providing account balances. It produces scheduled transaction summaries (daily, weekly or monthly as requested) and helps customers stay current on loans by issuing reminders when payments are due or past due. The system also allows customers to set minimum and maximum alert thresholds so they can be informed whenever their account reaches a low or high that they determine.

In addition to these benefits BOB eNotifier serves another important purpose: in an age of increasing scams and attempts to obtain funds unlawfully, the application provides a layer of protection against fraud, theft and embezzlement. Because a customer is able to see almost immediately when a transaction is posted, he or she can alert the bank and the police right away if fraud or theft is suspected.

“BOB eNotifer is ideal for our customers with personal checking or savings accounts or sole proprietorships who write or receive many cheques or anyone who just wants or needs to know exactly what is happening with their accounts on a current basis,” said Vaughn Delaney.

He explained that the eNotifier system is compatible with most types of cell phones and said any mobile phone that can receive text messages will work with the system, however, data capability is necessary to receive email notifications.

BOB customers can now sign up for a FREE 3 month trial of this new service that will start on March 3, 2014.

Photo-caption: Vaughn Delaney, Deputy General Manager with responsibility for Information Technology, BOB