1. If my application is unsuccessful, can I re-apply?
    The simple answer is yes. If at least six months has lapsed between the time you initially applied and some things have changed for you e.g. you completed a degree, please reapply and send in your resume as before.
  2. What happens to my resume after I submit it?
    We acknowledge receipt of your resume and then vet it for best (or otherwise) fit to one of our departments.
  3. Does the bank offer internships?
    Yes. Presently we have a college program which allows students pursuing a business degree to apply to work a maximum of 20 hours per week in one of our branches. Students have benefitted from hands on work experience in our Accounts and Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Information Technology Departments.
  4. What is the minimum academic qualification?
    The majority of the Bank’s positions call for an Associate Degree or the ABIFS Certification (done through the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services). Management positions require a Bachelor’s Degree.
  5. Does the bank have a summer program?
    Yes. You should apply to (Be sure to attach your transcript)
  6. Does the bank support continuing education and development?
    Yes. We provide educational and development support for our employees through a tuition assistance program, in-house and external training (classroom & e-learning opportunities), and interest-free education loans.
  7. Will my personal information remain confidential?
    Yes. BOB takes information security very seriously. We use the best technology to ensure that online applications are kept secure.
  8. Is there an opportunity to describe any extenuating circumstances that may affect my application?
    Yes. We will allow a discussion of this if you are selected for an interview.
  9. I’m applying to several different organizations. Will this affect my application?
    No. BOB understands that as part of your search for employment you may apply to several different organizations.
  10. What positions do you currently have available?
    Please see our website under the Vacancies. We update the postings regularly. Where you don’t see a vacancy posting it means there are no available positions at this time.
  11. Will my resume be considered for a position other than the one I applied for?
    Yes. We will review your resume so that we get a better understanding of previous work experiences and exposure and the skill sets that each applicant has developed over time and will decide if there is a fit to a department that the applicant make not have asked for.
  12. Is there room for growth?
    Definitely! When we hire employees it is expected that we are hiring future leaders in the organization. We provide numerous learning opportunities for our employees through internal and external training, tutorials, seminars, workshops and conferences. When the business permits, we also ensure cross training is done in the same or new areas in the bank. We are also proud to say that the majority of our vacancies are posted in-house first.