Online Banking

BOB was the first bank in The Bahamas to introduce a website with online banking capability and since that time the use of online banking has grown phenomenally as more customers have discovered the benefits of paying online. BOB online banking allows you to conduct nearly every banking transaction you will ever need to conduct from the comfort of home, office, favourite hangout or wherever there is an internet connection or wireless hotspot. We call it getting reacquainted with your lunch hour.

You can check your balance, review and print statements, review and print cancelled cheque images, transfer funds between accounts, pay utility bills, sign up for automatic payments for mortgages or other regularly scheduled financial obligations and accept direct deposits from payroll or NIB benefits. You can apply for a loan, mortgage, or bank draft, pay your American Express bill or order a pre-paid VISA Gift Card.

Key Benefits BOB Supplemental Application Form_BOBExpressOnline

  • Secure
  • 24/7 access to your accounts
  • Ability to track accounts in real time
  • Full service banking from almost anywhere
  • Bill payment
  • Time saving
  • Convenience


To take advantage of these benefits. BOB Customers may Complete, Print (Save) and Sign the Application and bring it to your favourite branch to complete the registration for your online banking service.  Just Click on the BOB Express Online Application Form HERE                           >>