Personal/Consumer Loans

Dreaming of renovating your home or a buying a new car? BOB is happy to assist with a selection of consumer loans designed to fit your needs. Enjoy affordable lending options with a BOB loan at competitive interest rates and favourable terms.

Personal / Consumer Loans
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You can borrow funds to:
  • Purchase vacant land
  • Buy a vehicle
  • Pay Education Tuition
  • Renovate your Home
  • Take a Vacation
  • Pay Medical Expenses
  • Meet other personal expenses
  • Low down payment
  • Competitive interest rates tied to BOB Prime  rate
  • Up to seven years to repay*
Required Documents:
  • Your passport for identification
  • Your NIB card
  • Utility Bill to confirm your residential address
  • A letter from your employer and your most recent salary slip
  • Copies of recent bank statements (if you are a self-employed  customer)
Visit a loan officer at your nearest BOB location for more information or apply now.
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