Home Equity Loans

You’ve worked hard building those four walls, now it’s time those walls work for you. The equity you built up in your home -- the difference between what you owe on an existing mortgage and the value of the home in today's market -- can be put to good use with through a home equity loan.

Home Equity Loans
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When should you consider a home equity loan?
  • When you need collateral or fund for a worthy purpose or investment:
    • home renovations
    • a child’s college tuition
    • purchasing property
    • a major medical emergency
  • When you can comfortably meet the payments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Up to 25 years to repay
Required Documents
  • Passport or voter’s card for identification
  • NIB Smartcard
  • Telephone, water, or electricity bill to confirm your residential address
  • A letter from your employer and your most recent salary slip
  • Copies of recent bank statements or a bank reference from your banker (if you are a self-employed customer)
  • A printout of your existing mortgage
  • An invoice for the expense that you intend to fund
You'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a home equity loan is and you may be even more surprised at how much equity you have accumulated.  Apply now.
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