Overdraft facilities

Avoid the embarrassment of negative cash flow with an overdraft facility from BOB. You will benefit from a source of readily accessible funds at a pre-approved limit and an established interest rate ensuring that transactions occur without a hitch. With a BOB overdraft Solution, you won't ever have to worry about not having sufficient funds to cover the expenses you need to cover.

Overdraft facilities
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You may be eligible for an overdraft facility if you have:
  • a history of steady employment
  • an excellent credit rating
  • a fixed deposit with BOB
  • a chequing account with BOB

Required documents:
  • Passport or voter’s card for identification
  • NIB Smartcard
  • Telephone, water, or electricity bill to confirm your residential address
  • A letter from your employer and your most recent salary slip
  • Copies of recent bank statements or a bank reference from your banker (if you are a new customer or self-employed)
Visit a loan officer at your nearest BOB location for more information or apply now.
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