Special Activities & Recoveries Services

Have you recently lost a job or fallen on hard times, making it difficult for you to meet your regular monthly obligations?  BOB understands that sometimes life throws us unexpected curves. If you find yourself in this position don’t hesitate to call our Special Activities & Recoveries Department to inform them of your change in circumstances.

This helpful department is dedicated to building stronger customer relationships and providing unsurpassed customer service. They will work with you to arrange a suitable payment plan until you are able to resume your normal monthly payments.

If you are behind or unable to make a payment and need our expert team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals to assist, request a consultation by contacting our Special Activities & Recoveries Department today at any one of our convenient locations:

New Providence: 397-3273, 397-3287

Grand Bahama: 242-350-2642

Exuma: 336-3000

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