These tools are provided to assist you in your financial decision making. They can help you to better understand the requirements in preparing to qualify for a loan or mortgage and potential obligations that may result from a successful application.

Savings Calculator

This savings calculator will give you a good idea of the growth you can expect when you save regularly at a specific interest rate over a period of time.

Debt Service Ratio (DSR) Calculator

Our DSR Calculator is provided here for your ease of use.

Loan Calculator

Want to know how much your monthly loan payment will be and how much total interest you can expect to pay. Simply enter the loan details as specified, then click “Calculate".

Amortisation Table

This Amortisation table tool helps you to estimate your monthly repayments. It also shows how much of your repayments will go towards the principal and how much will go towards interest. Just enter all your loan details and then click "Calculate".

BOB Forms

A suite of BOB forms is provided here for your ease of use.