In Fiscal Year 2013 BOB gave over $80,000 in donations to numerous organizations to support a variety of causes.  These causes ranged from educational needs  and youth and sports development to organizations that feed the hungry and provide homes for orphans and care for the elderly.  BOB also provided assistance to established non-governmental entities that provide emergency relief in time of disaster and offer education and assistance towards the prevention and care of disease. Pictured below are just a few of the causes supported by BOB.

BOB supports Honours Day at Sadie Curtis Primary School
BOB staff raised funds to help Hands for Hunger feed Bahamians in need
BOB annually provides assistance to the Royal Bahamas Police Force Summer Youth Camps

BOB helped YesiSoccer empower youth in Cat Island
crooked icelandBOB Donates Computers for Education in Crooked island
charityBOB gives composition books for Back to School