Accountable. Transparent. Ethical. Visionary. These traits shape the character and foundation of our Board of Directors. The men and women of the Board are business and community leaders charged with ensuring that at Bank of The Bahamas Limited, good Corporate Governance is achieved and Shareholder interest is protected.

As of February 18, 2022, the BOB Board includes:

  • Kenrick Brathwaite Sr., MBA, Managing Director
  • Timothy Brown, Director (minority shareholder representative)
  • Anastasia Ferguson-Pratt, CPA, MBA, B.Comm, Director
  • Taran Mackey, LLB, TEP, Director
  • Errol McKinney, Director
  • Whitney H.W. Patton,CPA, Director
  • Dywan Rodgers, LLB, Director
  • Howard W. Thompson Jr., LLB, Director
  • Mitzie Turnquest, Director


Effective March 18, 2022, Senior Attorney-at-Law Donna Harding-Lee was appointed Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Photos and professional biographies of the new board COMING SOON!