Bank of The Bahamas Limited has a team of seasoned and experienced professionals managing the Bank on behalf of its Shareholders. The senior management team members are shown below:

Executive Management

        • Vanessa Taylor


          Kenrick Brathwaite Sr.
          Managing Director
        • Vanessa Taylor


          Vanessa Taylor
          Chief Operating Officer
        • Jinanne Hosmilo-Williams


          Jihanne Hosmillo-Williams
          Chief Financial Officer
        • Charlene Paul


          Neil T. Strachan
          Chief Risk Officer
        • Charlene Paul


          Charlene Paul
          Chief Internal Auditor


 Corporate Managers
          • Tanya Astwood - Corporate Manager, Human Resources
          • Earl Beneby - Corporate Manager, Corporate & Commercial Services
          • Brea Braynen– Corporate Manager,, Delinquency Management
          • Robert Cox – Corporate Manager, Business Development
          • Indira Deal-Sands – Corporate Manager, General Legal Counsel
          • Milton Smith - Corporate Manager, IT and Chief Information Officer
          • Ian Thompson - Corporate Manager, Credit Risk
          • Maureen Woodside-Turnquest – Corporate Manager, Finance 
Senior Managers
          • Shantell Bain – Senior Manager, Business Development (Operations) 
          • Kelvin Briggs - Senior Manager, Credit Adjudication  
          • Pedro Burrows – Senior Manager, Business Development (Sales) 
          • Jillian Ferreira - Senior Manager, Business Services 
          • Syche McDonald – Senior Manager, Customer Experience 
          • Elnora Major - Senior Manager, Back Office Support 
          • Renay Miller – Senior Manager, Risk 
          • Frank Thurston - Senior Manager, Information Technology
          • Clarice Varence – Senior Manager, Operations Administration