Our Values

Our values are the driving force for all that we do.  They influence and direct every decision, every transaction and all our relationships. They make us who we are.

Our CORE VALUES are: Leadership, Excellence, Attitude and Ethics, People Development, Teamwork.

Leadership We are called to be leaders.

  • We demand of ourselves decisiveness, courage, vision and integrity
  • We share the credit for successes and hold ourselves accountable for our missteps

Excellence We deliver what we promise to our stakeholders and add value beyond what is expected. We achieve excellence through:

  • Creativity
  • Competence
  • Superior Quality
  • Solution Orientation
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Discipline

Attitude and Ethics We recognise that a positive attitude, honesty, trust, fairness and integrity are essential for meeting the highest level of ethical behaviour.

  • We are positive, helpful and supportive of each other.
  • We are honest straightforward, responsible and accountable for our actions.
  • We keep confidential matters confidential.
  • We have the courage to express alternative viewpoints in a positive manner.
  • We are fair and transparent. We avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest.
  • We value and reward open, honest, two way communication.
  • We make only promises we intend to keep.
  • We acknowledge and apologize for our mistakes, and learn from our errors so we don’t make them again.

People Development We value our people.

  • We value and support our people as a competitive advantage therefore we must attract, retain, develop and motivate the most talented people.
  • We are caring people who work together as partners towards our shared successes.


TeamworkWe depend on each other to succeed.

  • We share information and keep each other informed
  • We respect diversity
  • We encourage team members to do their best.
  • We are passionate about teamwork which drives our commitment to perform.
  • We collaborate with clients.
  • We show mutual respect, compassion and genuine appreciation for each other.

Becoming One with Our Values

We assert, we believe and we live by the notion that our success is a function of us making a quantum LEAP powered by Teamwork.