Managing Director's Message

Managing Director
BOB on the Move! |

Bank of the Bahamas continues on the path to rebuild and reclaim its position as a leading financial institution in The Bahamas. The momentum established in the past year will continue in fiscal 2022 as we progress to becoming the most efficient customer centric bank in The Bahamas. While we celebrate a return to profitability, we fully realize that there is a lot more work to be done to provide our customers with essential and modern banking solutions delivered through enhanced state-of-the-art technology. In Fiscal 2021 and in line with our overall Strategic Plan, we further strengthened our foundation by completing our Core Banking upgrade and the second phase of our ATM expansion programme. We continued on a plan to improve our products and enhance our service to our customers by introducing our EMV Chip Prepaid and Credit cards, implemented a centralized Mortgage Centre to facilitate the processing of all mortgage related products and expanded our Customer Experience Department to drive a cultural shift with a focus on providing optimum customer service with consistent development and training at all levels of the Bank. This year we are forging ahead with key strategic initiatives to reinvent the Bank and differentiate us from our competitors. We are anticipating the completion of the extensive renovation of our Freeport Branch and opening of two new branch locations. We are also excited about the planned improvement to our website, the introduction of a new online banking platform, the introduction of a new Debit Card, the expansion of our Merchant Services Unit and the complete automation of our account onboarding, loan origination and delinquency management processes. Yes, your Bank is on the move! I believe that we are on the right path, and I am bullish on the future of Bank of The Bahamas. All of the above initiatives will set the stage for accelerated growth and eventual market leadership as we continue to enhance our customer service culture while improving our efficiency and products availability. Finally, I take this opportunity to thank you, our shareholders, to thank our staff and customers for continuing on this journey of success with us. It is a worthwhile journey, and we will reach our destination.