Managing Director's Message

Managing Director
Strengthening the Foundation, Preparing for Growth. |

Fiscal 2019 has been a year of continued transition for our Bank as we embark on this journey to ensure that Bank of the Bahamas becomes the most efficient customer centric bank in The Bahamas.

Our quest to achieve this, which is my vision as your Managing Director, has not been an easy one, however with the full and unwavering support of a dedicated and qualified team, we are well on our way.

We have continued on our journey under the theme: Building a Better BOB…Building a Better Bahamas, with an expanded Strategic Plan which encompasses the strengthening of our systems, products and overall customer service while ensuring that all staff are given the opportunity for growth and development through their involvement in internal and external training programs.

Returning your Bank to a level of profitability was our first step to achieving long term sustainable growth and effective overall management. During the year, we have made considerable strides to achieving all of our strategic goals, however there is much more that is required to ensure that this trend of increasing profitability will be maintained for many years to come.

We have made strategic decisions regarding strengthening our policies and procedures, restructuring the organization and filling key management positions while ensuring that we maintain our focus on the initiatives as outlined in our Strategic Plan.

During fiscal 2019, we continued with the initial phase of the Strategic Plan of strengthening our foundation, inclusive of our systems, policies and personnel, some of which will continue throughout fiscal 2020.

As indicated previously, our key objectives are to create a strong risk management culture, sustained shareholder value through sustained profitability, an improved sales and service culture, a more efficient operation and disciplined, motivated, knowledgeable and well-equipped staff.

I am personally thankful for the support provided by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff as we continue to progress towards the goals that have been set. We are steadily advancing to the second strategic phase of accelerated growth and eventually, market leadership as we become the first choice of all persons requiring banking services.

Our Bank is stronger and will become a successful institution thereby providing increased value to all stakeholders. As always I, along with our committed staff, remain committed to making our Bank your ultimate partner in banking solutions and take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their continued trust.

We will remain steadfast and will ultimately achieve the goals as set out in our Strategic Plan.

Kenrick Brathwaite, Managing Director

November 2019